The Story

Ashcan Cover Spread: Robotica Ashcan Covers

The story of Lady Robotika…who she is and how she came to be…

Lady Robotika is, of course, rock star Jane Wiedlin.

Aliens abduct Jane and take her in a starship to their home planet, Herron IV, to perform for their Emperor. But during the flight, the reptilian beings experiment on her as she sleeps, implanting nanobots within her body. The micro-robotic organisms begin to slowly transform her into a cyborg, one of many on the alien planet. The cyborgs are an oppressed class of slave labor and are horribly abused by the ruling class.

Jane eventually learns to control the nanites within her, and becomes the super-powered Lady Robotika, heroine of the cyborg slaves.

Like a futuristic lady Robin Hood, she thwarts the plans of the evil alien monarchy by day and rocks the cosmos by night!