The Creators

The minds behind Lady Robotika – Bill Morrison and Jane Wiedlin!

Bill MorrisonBill Morrison started his career in Dee-troit Michigan as a technical illustrator, but what he really wanted to do was draw cartoons. When Bill decided that he had drawn his last diesel fuel pump, he moved to Southern California with his wife and two cats. He began working immediately in motion picture advertising which eventually lead to the opportunity to draw and paint a whole slew of movie posters for Walt Disney. Included in that lengthy list are The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Peter Pan and The Jungle Book.

In 1990, Bill was recruited by Twentieth Century Fox’s licensing and merchandising department to draw The Simpsons for nearly all of the T-shirts,Lady Robotika video games, posters, toy packaging, etc. which was the fuel of 90’s Simpsonmania, and he occasionally took time to create designs for the TV show itself. He also contributed greatly to Matt Groening’s publishing endeavors with artwork for Simpsons books and calendars. When Matt decided to start a comic book company, Bill was hired on as art director of Bongo Comics and drew the very first Simpsons comic story. He received an Eisner Award for his contribution to Simpsons Comics #1 and has had a hand in every Bongo Comic to date, either writing, pencilling, inking or supervising. In 1997, Matt Groening went into pre-production on his next show, Futurama. Bill helped out with character design, and when the show began full production, he was brought on board as art director.

In addition to his work on The Simpsons and Futurama, Bill has written and drawn his own comic book series; the four-time Eisner Award-nominated Roswell, Little Green Man and co-created the comic book series Heroes Anonymous. He has also recently written a Captain Carrot mini-series for DC Comics. His current creative obsession is, of course, Lady Robotika, which he is co-creating with his friend and partner, Jane Wiedlin.

Jane WiedlinWhile in design college in the mid 1970’s, Wiedlin stumbled upon the burgeoning LA punk rock scene. She and Belinda Carlisle were inspired to form the Go-Go’s. The band quickly became local favorites and were signed by the indie label IRS Records. With most of their songs written or co-written by Jane (including the classic “Our Lips Are Sealed”) The Go-Go’s went on to enormous success, selling out Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl and appearing twice on the cover of Rolling Stone. The band became the first ever all-girl group to write their own songs, play their own instruments, and become immensely popular doing it.

In 2009 Jane became an ordained minister and is now performing wedding, commitment and vow reaffirmation ceremonies. Go to for more information!Lady Robotika

*As a writer, Jane co-wrote her first country hit, “But For The Grace of God” by Keith Urban. The song went to Number One and launched Keith as a country superstar.
*As an adventurer, Jane spent three years in the jungles of Central America. She has written a book (“This Godforsaken Paradise”) about her equatorial adventures.
*As a geek, Jane is currently working on a comic book called called Lady Robotika, which she is collaborating on with her partner and friend Bill Morrison (The Simpsons, Futurama). There will be a companion CD of music to accompany the comic book.
*As a musician, besides her ongoing work with The Go-Gos, Jane is also always busy writing songs, and recording and producing other artists.
*As an animal lover, she continues to rescue dogs (her four dogs, Geordie & Peanut, and Angus & Malcolm, are all rescues), and enjoys her time with her horse Siggi, an American Paint Horse.