The Characters


KATE is a pretty and petite (definitely SHORT) young woman between the ages of 25 and 35.  She sings, plays guitar and writes songs, and is quite talented, but is still waiting to catch a break. KATE has spent years on the road playing dive bars and free shows in parks.  She is used to being around bands, so is a "one-of-the-guys" kind of girls, but is still feminine. She can be sweet or snarky, but she's always smart.  She has a punky dress style and a cute trendy hairstyle.  She wears Doc Marten boots.  KATE has been trying to become a successful performer for seven years.  

Although she is a fighter not a quitter, she is beginning to think her dreams will never come true.  She's been fed enough lines by guys that she is suspicious when she meets JASPER.  She's been on her own for so long, she doesn't have a ton of faith in people anymore.

KATE is sassy and quick with the comeback lines, but deep down inside she is sensitive and kind.  She has the opposing qualities of being both fragile and strong.

JASPER is a slender, good looking guy of medium height between the ages of 25-35.  He has brown hair and a clean shaven face.  He may look slightly rockabilly (but subtle, not showy).  He dresses like James Dean in levis and a crisp white tee shirt. He is a singer and a guitar player, but due to his extreme stage fright, has never sang or played outside his own bedroom. When JASPER accidentally stumbles upon KATE'S show in a local park, he is instantly smitten.  He's very attracted to her, and also believes she is incredibly talented.  JASPER is a genuinely good guy, with a heart of gold.  He is slightly bashful but very earnest.  He is not afraid to pursue KATE in his own sweet way, but being shy, sometimes gets tongue-tied.  While JASPER is keen to protect KATE on their adventure in Space, it turns out that he really is more the "damsel-in-distress" than KATE ever will be.  JASPER is true-blue, the kind of guy you want in your corner.

THE SLAVER is the captain of a spaceship that travels the Universe, abducting sentient life forms for nefarious purposes.  He comes from the planet Herron IV.  Herronians are a race of lizard people.  While humanoid in shape, they are green, scaly and quite frightening looking, with long crocodile-like tails.  Herronians are also very strong and very tall.  While THE SLAVER appears to have good manners and is quite bonhomie, he is completely amoral and thinks nothing of ruining people's lives as he snatches them from their home worlds.  He oversees The Process, whereby Herronian laboratory technicians on his ship use high-tech devices to rob the abductees of their sentience, thus skirting the laws against slavery on Herron IV.  THE SLAVER is much more worried about the bottom line than people's feelings or even lives.  His one weakness is his obsession with MISTRESS E'DEATH, who is his Superior and the object of his worship.  When he is around E'DEATH, he becomes an obsequious sniveling worm.  THE SLAVER wears a militaristic uniform signifying his high rank.

MISTRESS E'DEATH is the Prison Warden of the dungeons on Herron IV.  She is from an undisclosed planet and is gigantically tall with enormous breasts.  She has pale white skin, fangs, huge black eyes, claw-like nails and dresses exclusively in black clothes, tight and made of leather.  She wears tall platform shoes and has huge hair and wears a big ornate head dress that makes her look like a vampiric and dangerous queen.  She is truly Amazonian, is cruel and ruthless and carries a whip or crop that she never hesitates to use. Since the illness and sequestering of The Emperor, E'DEATH has run the abduction/slavery operation that has devastated so many beings, and is undermining traditional Herronian society.  E'DEATH wants power, and will do absolutely anything to get it.  She has her eye on the Emperor's position, and is willing to stoop to assassination to get what she wants.  She is a genuine Sadist, who delights in the misery and fear of others.  E'DEATH is quite attracted to KATE, but is also threatened by her.

Dr. Swatheing is an ancient Herronian scientist, and the best friend of EMPEROR YECCHH. He has grayish-green, scaly, wrinkly skin and white hair.  He wears strange glasses and a tattered filthy lab coat.   SWATHEING has been a political prisoner for years, since a coup staged by E'DEATH'S minions stole SWATHEING'S miraculous technology.  He has been locked in the dungeons of Herron IV for a very long time.  The doctor had developed nanobot technology, which could do amazing things, even cure people of deadly diseases and many other wonderful things.  SWATHEING had created this tech in an attempt to save the life of the Emperor, who was suffering from an incurable, painful and lethal disease. Now THE SLAVER uses the nanobots to change sentient beings into cyborg slaves, incapable of fighting back or freeing themselves.  SWATHEING does not know if his friend the EMPEROR still lives.  When he meets KATE in the prison, he discovers that she possesses his nanobots inside of her, and that she is on the side of Good, not Evil.  KATE and SWATHEING become instant allies and friends.

The benevolent ruler of Herron IV, YECCHH was once a great leader: generous, magnanimous and wise.  A deadly disease has rendered him helpless and in excruciating pain.  He has retreated into seclusion and is only seen by and tended to by the HANDMAIDENS, gorgeous, submissive and compassionate women from different worlds, who administer to the EMPEROR'S needs.  The EMPEROR makes a show of leading his planet by infrequently appearing on a communication screen to talk to his People, but hides his true condition.  It is known among those in high places that the Emperor is extremely ill.  When we finally see the EMPEROR in person, we discover he is nothing more than a brain inside a jar, his body having been ravaged by disease years ago.  This is a closely guarded secret.  EMPEROR YECCHH is Herronian, so what we do see of him is green and scaly.

We see LADY ROBOTIKA in a short clip of concert footage at the beginning of our show.  We can't really see her face, but she is wearing giant platforms, a big wig, and an outrageous outfit as she sings to her adoring fans.  She isn't confident, she IS Confidence!  A rockstar through and through, she is both mysterious and compelling.  We finally see LADY ROBOTIKA live and up close in the last scene of the musical, wearing the same crazy costume we saw in Scene 1.

A drummer and bass player, human.  They look like punk rockers and are pick-up musicians (KATE finds guys to play shows with in each town she travels to, rather than having a full-time band).  The drummer is kind of clueless and overly-confident.

Tall, green and scaly, they guard THE SLAVER'S ship and the abductees he has kidnapped.  They are fierce and wear militaristic uniforms and carry strange weapons.

Green and scaly, they wear lab coats and conduct The Process (transformation into cyborgs) on the abductees.  These guys are not rocket scientists, they are simply doing what they have been taught and told.  They don't understand the technology, nor do they care.  They don't see the beings whom they subject to vivisection as being equal to them, or even sentient.  The LAB TECHS are just following orders.  They aren't privy to the inner workings of the coup, so they still believe that THE EMPEROR is in charge of their home world. Their direct Superior is THE SLAVER.
CYBORG SLAVES (men and women, up to 10)
They move slowly and without animation.  They should be wearing metallic bodysuits with face masks that make them appear to be robots.  They are treated cruelly by the Herronian upper crust, who use the CYBORG SLAVES to do all the work on Herron IV.  The rich have grown lazy and indolent as a result of E'DEATH's corruption of the nanobot technology and the slave trade.  The CYBORG SLAVES are without hope.

PRISONERS (men and women, up to 10)
The PRISONERS are CYBORG SLAVES who have committed the most minor of infractions and have been imprisoned in E'DEATH'S dungeons.  They should appear filthy and unkempt, and be wearing ragged prison garb over their "metallic" bodies.  They are truly pathetic.

IRON MAIDEN (5 women)
MISTRESS E'DEATH'S personal squadron of female guards, they are also from her home world.  The IRON MAIDENS both guard the prison and its prisoners, and E'DEATH.  They are enormous, wear big black platform boots, and tight black uniforms that are both utilitarian and revealing at the same time.  They are armed with bizarre looking weapons.  Like E'DEATH they are pale, with fangs, nails like claws and huge black eyes (though they may be wearing helmets). They IRON MAIDENS are fearless and mean, but are ALWAYS subservient to E'DEATH.

The HANDMAIDENS care for the ailing EMPEROR.  They are gorgeous and nurturing.  They wear I-Dream-Of-Jeanie type outfits, are barefoot, and have long flowing ponytails in array of dazzling colors.  The HANDMAIDENS come from many different planets, but they all share great beauty and a great love for the EMPEROR.  

HERRONIAN UPPER CRUST (men and women, up to 10)
The rich citizens of HERRON IV have become lazy and jaded.  They don't care about the injustices that have been done to the CYBORG SLAVES, they just want cheap and silent servants who have no rights.  Like all other Herronians, they are reptilian but humanoid in shape.  They dress in extravagant and opulent clothing and are careless and cruel.