The Story


LR-Space-Opera-COVERWhen struggling rocker Kate meets sexy Jasper at one of her shows, the connection is instantaneous, but before they have time to fall in love, they are abducted by aliens. Once aboard the spaceship they discover, via the captain of the ship, that they are to be experimented upon and turned into CYBORGS! After the process is complete, they will be forced to live out their days as slaves on an alien world.

Kate avoids being completely transformed by claiming she is mega-star, Lady Robotika, THE most popular singer on Planet Earth.

Knowing that their emperor loves rock-n-roll, the slavers agree to spare Kate & Jasper in exchange for a big rock concert performed for the Emperor's pleasure.

Kate discovers, that since the partial experimentation inflicted on her, she has gained strange new powers. Kate and Jasper try to make a break for it when the spaceship lands on Herron IV, but things go sideways and Kate is imprisoned by the evil Mistress E'death, a gigantic, power-mad dominatrix. In prison, Kate meets the mysterious Dr. Swatheing, the very man who created the technology that fell into the hands of the corrupt slavers AND gave Kate her new powers.  Together, they must somehow save the day and escape the alien planet!  

Filled with infectious pop/rock songs, this musical is the ultimate homage to vintage science fiction: sexy, kitschy, and full of heart!

LADY ROBOTIKA: THE SPACE OPERA, written and composed by JANE WIEDLIN, founding member of the legendary all-female rock band THE GO-GO'S.